So you're getting married and you don't know where to start?
Let us help. This is our list of reasons to purchase your wedding attire rather than rent it.
  1. The Economic Choice. Considering the price of a suit rental, a purchased suit will pay for itself in just two wears. Between heading to the office, interviews, dinners, weddings, formals, or even simply a night out, buying makes the most sense for your bank account.

  1. It’s YOURS. That means that no one else has worn your wedding suit. (Good for obvious reasons...) Further, its personalized. Avoid clip-on ties and plastic shoes that hurt your feet.  You have so much more choice when you buy. Add the details you want, get it custom tailored for you. No generic one size fits all.

  1. Rentals are Risky.  A rented suit comes in just days before the wedding, often looking shabby and well worn. This leaves only a small window to fix any issues there may be such as: the wrong items being shipped, fit issues, missing pieces… the list goes on. 

  1. She Doesn't Rent Her Outfit. Chances are that she is shopping for the perfect dress to make her look and feel breathtaking. Why not follow suit?(Pun intended)
  1. You Don't Return It. No more pit stops on your way to the airport heading home. No more damage deposits. No forgetting your wallet/cash (or the phone number of the bridesmaid you walked down the aisle). 

We offer everything from head to toe at a variety of price points. From casual to black tie - we can help bring your vision together. If you're ready to take the next step and see what we have to offer for your wedding, give us a call (807-475-4755) or an email ( to make an appointment.