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Upper : Hexamesh (53% organic cotton and 47% recycled polyester)
Panels : Hexamesh and suede
Logo V : Amazonian rubber (26%)
Insole : Amazonian rubber (12%), sugar cane (42%), recycled polyester (23%) and others (12%)
L Foam : Natural latex (30%)
Midsole : E.V.A* made from 38% sugar cane and 47% others
Outsole : Amazonian rubber (31%), silica (31%), synthetic rubber (19%) and others (19%)
Lining : Tech (100% recycled polyester)
Laces : Organic cotton (100%)
Backloop : Recycled polyester (100%)
Made in Brazil.
Hexamesh is a resistant fabric made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. The technology used for the weaving creates a flat fabric with a pattern that resembles knitting. The certified cotton we use is grown in Brazil and Peru, respecting people and the environment, and is the same cotton we use for our canvas.

*ethylene vinyl acetate

PLU: VT2103355A
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